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We create digital experiences and brands that are unique and timeless. We might be small, but we believe it's better to be small and nimble than big and awkward.

Annual Reports

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During the 2000s Motorola developed IP-based, wideband and multi-band systems for mission critical applications. Company acquisitions added cable set-top, enterprise mobile computing and advanced data capture expertise. At the end of the decade the company prepared to separate from its cellular handset and cable businesses, setting the stage for a new era for the company. We designed the Annual Report for 2000, the perfect mix of innovative product photos and custom info graphics.



With Motorola in need of a make-over to face the new future of smart phones, updating the decades old Motorola (M) was not for the faint of heart. The new branding and website rollout was as easy as flipping a switch.

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Motorola's interests don't stop at technology, the company has always been highly competative in all aspects.

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